Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. I am proud of my son’s for thinking ahead, because today they both mentioned Mother’s Day and asked for me to give them a few gift ideas. They did request that I give these ideas soon so they had time to shop and also that I gave them good ideas and not just cheap ones. Gifts do not have to cost a lot of money to be special. It makes me feel great, just knowing that they had me in mind and actually took time out of their day to shop for me, whether that be online or in person.

For this year, I am requesting gifts that will benefit me while at work. I spend alot of time driving as well as standing on the concrete which can take a toll on you as time goes on. With that being said, I’d like a few pairs of insoles for plantar fasciitis. Have you ever experienced plantar fasciitis? I experienced this years ago and plantar faciitis definitely isn’t something that I’d like to experience again. I can remember crawling from my bed to the bathroom each morning because it hurt too much to walk when I woke each morning. For that reason, keeping good insoles in my shoes is very important to me!

Another great gift would be a personal sized cooler to keep in my vehicle for cold drinks and healthy snacks. Texas heat is a real scorcher, so having the right cooler in the summertime is important. Last year I was packing Lunchables with cheese slices and crackers. I can remember pulling the Lunchable out and the cheese had melted into a solid cube. I was afraid the meat would make me sick after being exposed to so much heat from the inside of my vehicle so I started ditching my Lunchables for nuts and snacks that didn’t need to be kept cold. This year, I’d like to be prepared with a cute purple Igloo cooler.

Another great gift that I have in mind is a gift card for a massage. This is definitely a new experience for me, but one that I wish I would have experienced years ago. I was quite shy in this field so never wanted a stranger to touch me, but I started slow with a facial. The facial was nice and being pampered in a stress free environment was very relaxing. My legs were sore and tired so I decided to try a massage that focused on my legs and I was hooked. I even bought a monthly membership to the massage parlor.

Growing up, I can remember my dad taking my sister and I to get flowers or bushes that could be planted at our house for our Mom for Mother’s Day. We’d buy them in advance so they could be planted for her on Mother’s Day. I remember one year particularly when my sister and I got her Snowball bushes. Since the Texas heat is so bad, you sure don’t want to spend a lot of money on outdoor flowers unless you plan on running your water sprinklers to keep them alive. My mom passed away from Cancer when I was 17 years old and every time I see a Snowball bush, I still think of her. I do like the tradition of planting flowers on Mother’s Day but it’s definitely best for me to stick to house plants.

Does your family have Mother’s Day traditions? If so, what do they consist of? Do you fight the crowds at the restaurants or do you plan an outdoor meal on the grill with family?

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