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I graduated from college in Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  I taught 5th grade in a magnet school in Louisiana for a few years.  I now live in Texas and pride myself in my writing skills and attention to detail.  I started in November of 2010 and have made many business contacts.

Why Promote Your Products With BlogWithMom

BlogWithMom is entered into numerous directories, social networking sites, forums, Triberr and is very active in the online community.  BlogWithMom is a full time job and I stay on top of things as well as constantly networking with other bloggers, and online businesses.  I pride myself in being detailed and organized while promoting your business.   I am very dedicated to both my readers and business partners.  My site is regularly updated and email is promptly answered.

The top audience for this mom blog are stay at home moms ranging from 25-34 years old, that are browsing from home with moms aging from 35-44 coming in second. Traffic is composed of:

  • 60.8% Visitors from the U.S.
  • 21.1% Visitors from India
  • 5.8% Philippines
  • 4% United Kingdom
  • 2.5% Canada

Promotional Opportunities

Sidebar banner placements and text link placements are available upon request.  Please contact us for more information. I also have advertising options available through my posts.  I will write a promotional post for your site for a promotional fee which covers all social network promotions through my accounts.  Your post will remain in my archives for no less than one year. Promotional Giveaways are welcome for a management fee for a 20 day period or your giveaway can be placed in a blog hop for higher coverage at a slightly higher rate.   Your giveaway will be promoted through social media, forums and multiple contest sites.   I have three Triberr accounts that I use with Twitter (shared Twitter Accounts with other bloggers) Reach of 95,111 + 111,523 and 292,413 with a total reach of 486,640 Twitter followers as of 08/23/12!  It will also be listed in multiple giveaway directories and ran through my subscriber newsletters and personal email accounts.  Running giveaways draw in more entries when it is a product that people recognize and would truly like to win.  The product you are giving away needs to be valued for at least $25 in order to draw in more entries. I will be happy to post your family friendly guest post for a placement fee as long as it is relevant to my blog content.  I must impose a placement fee due to the time it takes me to place and promote your content.   Guest posts will remain in my archives for no less than a one year time period.

I Currently Review….

I pride myself in being a stay at home mom and want the best for my family.  I write a family friendly mom blog and will not promote products that aren’t family friendly.  I have made a promise to my readers that I will not post anything that would not be appropriate for their kids to read.  I am very interested in doing reviews on products that an “average mom or woman” would find useful in the home.  I do not have time to do book reviews, so I must pass on this type of review.  I also write product reviews on children’s items that are geared for ages 5 and up.  I don’t write product reviews on baby items since my children are older and I want my family to take part in my review.  Kids are honest and very helpful when testing out new products.  My children like the opportunity to take part in the “testing” and it helps me to get an accurate review that can be seen through a “child’s eye’s” as well as those of an adult and mom.

Review Turnover Rate

I have many requests for product reviews and want to “test” your product long enough to give an expert review.   Expect your review to be posted within four weeks of the time I receive the sample product along with payment.  Depending on your product, the review could be posted earlier.  If you are on a timeline, I will do my best to speed things along, but quality is important and I don’t want to write anything less than a “true review” for your product.  A well-written review takes hours to write and days to “test” with the different family members.

Review Policy

I pride myself in being honest and writing fair reviews.  I will not be swayed by money to stand behind a product that I don’t believe in.  When writing reviews, I give my honest opinion of products coming from a mom’s/ woman’s point of view.  If you believe in your product and wish to have it fairly reviewed and advertised, then you have come to the right place.

Review products are to be full size and will not be returned to you.  It is necessary for me to “use” these products regularly in my household and with my family in order to write a true review on them.  Running giveaways in conjunction with your product review is always best.  The giveaway product will then be shipped directly from you to the giveaway winner.  The sample product will be kept by me and not returned to the sponsor or passed on to the winner since it has been previously used.

Contact me at chat[at]BlogWithMom[dot]com or fill out the form below.

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Thank you for your inquiry.  I look forward to promoting your business.

Bobbie Anne

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