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Promotional Giveaways are offered on my site for a 20 day period or you can choose to be part of a blog hop.  Blog hops run for less than 20 days but will be seen by more viewers because blog hops are a group effort advertised by multiple bloggers.  All giveaways include a review of your site or product, along with a Rafflecopter giveaway form that drives readers to browse your site.

Giveaway’s take a lot of work to promote.  If they aren’t properly advertised, you’ll be lucky to get a dozen people to sign up.   I would need the following information in order to get your giveaway properly set up.

  • Your Website link
  • Your Twitter Handle
  • Facebook Page URL
  • Do you have a newsletter sign up on your site?   If so, please provide the URL to your sign up page.
  • The value of the giveaway item

You will need to be prepared to ship the winner their prize at the end of the contest.

Your giveaway will also be tweeted daily, ran through my social media followers, spread through my email lists, subscription lists and also added to giveaway sites for top exposure.  The giveaway will be ran using Rafflecopter and the winner will be notified by email.  For more information click HERE.

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