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It’s that time again! Time to get your Christmas picture cards ordered so you can get them sent out for your friends and family to enjoy. Score 15% off Basic Invite with coupon code: 15FF51 

Holidays are a super busy time of year so get your card order started today! I love receiving cards in the mail and always have a few holiday cards trickle in after the holidays. These cards are great too but I love displaying my holiday cards with my holiday decorations.

I like to purchase my holiday cards online so that I can design them each year. This saves me time in the store and allows me to create the perfect holiday cards for my friends and family. This year I came across an online store called Basic Invite. The offer instant previews which makes it easy for me to see all of their color choices. No worries of not finding the perfect colors here, as they have over 180 color choices!

If you are looking to create the holiday party invitation, printed samples can also be ordered so that you can see your invite in person before placing your final order. This will guarantee that you are getting a great quality card for your perfect holiday event. As for the envelopes, no fear, everything will match as Basic Invite has at least 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from. Each envelope will be secured with the peel and seal closing system.

Score 15% off Basic Invite with coupon code: 15FF51 

How many of your friends and family have moved over the years? How many of them have online social media accounts? Basic Invite is able to help you locate any updated addresses through a shared link on your social media accounts which will request addresses from your friends and family. This service really saves time when you are trying to send out multiple holiday cards. This site even offers recipient address printing for no extra cost! If you choose to use the social media address capturing service, all the addresses will be stored in your Basic Invite account and can be selected as you design your cards.

Are you fond of foil cards? If so, both raised or flat foil are available in rose gold, gold and silver.

Before placing your order don’t forget………………….. You can score 15% off Basic Invite with coupon code: 15FF51 

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This is a sponsored post written for Basic Invite. All opinions are my own.

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