Did Santa Ever Write You?

Looking back to my childhood, I would have been overjoyed to have gotten a letter from Santa.  I always made him special cookies and sat out milk for him, actually I think we sat out Pepsi.  I wanted so bad to catch Santa in my living room when he was filling the stockings, good thing I never caught him!  I visited him at the Santa house in the Court Square every year and also sent letters to him through my school and the local paper.   I never doubted Santa or his magic until I was later told his big secret from kids at school.

I have found two sites on the internet that I am debating between for my kids.  Check them both out, they have different types of offers.

1. Package From Santa This site offers 10% off if you use of any of these codes:


2. Letters From Santa

Too bad they weren’t around when I was a kid!  These sites send personalized letters from Santa.  Think of how happy you could make a child by secretly sending them a letter from Santa.  How many kids do you know that are having a hard time now and could use a little cheer.  Think of how fun it would be to send a letter to someone without telling the parents.  What would they think?  How long would it take them before they realized who did it, or would they ever find out?  That would surely send some Christmas Cheer to their home for the holidays!

Let me know which one you prefer, maybe that will make my decision easier!

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