Fatheads Are Great Additions To Kids Rooms

I ordered both of my kids Fathead Stickers for their bedroom walls for Christmas.  I have never had these wall stickers before, but have seen them online.  I couldn’t wait to get them and decorate their rooms with them.  I hung one of the large Fathead Wall Stickers up and it looked great.  I went back to my son’s room a few hours later and the Fathead Sticker was gone!  It had fallen off the wall and was rolled up on the floor.  I had paid a lot of money for a large sticker that fell off the wall!  I was sick to my stomach and my son was upset.  I pulled it apart and was able to rehang it with just a few marks being left on the Fathead where it had stuck together.  This happened two more times, and with each time I put it back on the wall, it messed up the sticker even more.

Today, I called Fathead and thought I would have to argue with them about this sticker in order to get a refund.  I called and was shocked!  They said no problem, just take a picture of the rolled up Fathead Sticker and we’ll send you out a new one.  They said sometimes this just happens,  just like when you get to the end of a roll of tape.  I couldn’t believe it was so easy.  I was afraid to use the second sticker I had bought since the first one kept falling off the wall, but Fathead said you have 90 days to return any damaged stickers.

Their customer service was so great, I am going to hang my second Fathead Sticker with no worries and will definitely purchase from them in the future!  My son loves football, so I bought him a football Fathead, but check out Spider-Man 3 – Hang Time -Fathead , 25×50

If it would have been my choice, I would have bought the Spiderman, but the football sticker looks great too!Fathead stickers for your wall.

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  1. There is a material out there called Photo Tex that never has this issue. Use that in the future if possible.

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